LGBTQIA+ Pride Poem

A poem celebrating the LGBTQIA+ community
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Published on Jun 23, 2023
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In a world of diversity, let our voices ring,

A poem for the LGBTQ+ community, let us sing.

With love as our guide, embracing all colors,

Let us celebrate uniqueness, sisters and brothers.


For those who dared to be true to their hearts,

Who shattered the norms, embracing their parts,

You are the warriors, the fierce and the bold,

Unleashing your spirits, you will never fold.


From every corner of the earth, united we stand,

A kaleidoscope of identities, hand in hand.

In a symphony of love, our hearts intertwine,

With acceptance and understanding, we shine.


For the souls who discovered their truest selves,

Breaking through society's confining shells,

You are the inspiration, the beacons of light,

Guiding others to find their own fight.


Through the struggles and battles, you persevere,

Transcending boundaries, erasing fear.

Love knows no gender, no obstacles, no bounds,

In the tapestry of existence, love resounds.


Let this poem be a testament to your worth,

A reminder that you belong, upon this Earth.

In a world that may judge, and sometimes deceive,

Your essence is precious, and you have the right to be.


Celebrate your triumphs, your victories won,

For love is love, and it can't be undone.

Embrace your identities, with pride and delight,

You are valid, you matter, you shine so bright.


To the LGBTQ+ community, this poem is for you,

A tribute to the strength and resilience you've shown through.

May your voices be heard, your stories be told,

In a world that's accepting, compassionate, and bold.

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