A poem
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Created by Jess_advocates

Published on Jan 25, 2024
sunrise over a meadow
Dawid Zawiła on Unsplash

A note from the author: This poem speaks about the peace found in the Morning, the lull of waking from sleep. I wrote this poem to express my love for mornings and their beauty.

Surrounded by limbo.

The milky essence of half light,

a monumental in-between,

Of noise and silent woes.


An array of raw morning dew droplets,

glazes over thousands,

of grassy meadows,

filled with a plethora of insects.


Soon honey dripping sunlight,

Will spread like a monarch against the wind,

fluttering it’s wings.

Breaking the lull of time.


A orchestra of birds will lift the shadows.

The trees will rustle and wake,

Hopeful for opportunity.


As tranquillity transforms into the electric stir,

of clashing rapid movement,

There is peaceful rememberence,

of the what came before,

The morning before the day.

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