The Power of Meditation:

Why you need to spend more time sitting in silence.
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Published on Dec 9, 2021
person sitting on a mountain meditating

There are a many people who swear by the benefits of meditation. Often times when we think of meditation, an image of a monk flashes into our minds. We picture them sitting with a gentle, serene, and calm look upon their face and we want what they have, but to achieve that peace, we must also do the work required.  

Mediation has many variations; some people chant, some focus on breathing, and others visualize. All of them have different benefits and you can practice any of these, but the one common thing that’s involved is the practice of sitting in silence.  

The world around us is filled with noise; a person living in the city might say, “I  always hear cars blasting their horns through the window.” Noise is all around, but detaching your attention and focusing on the still calm waters of the consciousness is the goal.  

Meditation is not difficult. If you think your mind is filled with wild thoughts, then let those thoughts flow as they are, after a few days of practice they will subside. Sitting alone with your thoughts will help them run their course through your head and out of your life. If a particular thought keeps nagging at you after a week, then it is time to use some positive affirmations.  

It is in the silence that great ideas come. Inspiration cannot strike you if it finds you busy. Inspiration is always trying to call you if you listen. It comes like a whisper, but we could miss it because of the music blasting through our ears, making us deaf to the nudges from the divine.  

We see every second person with earphones these days, including ourselves. The  thoughts and regrets filling our heads are a part of the reality that we try to get away from by filling our ears with a melody. Music has become a medium to escape reality and there’s nothing wrong with it. We all need a good break from this mechanical life, but finding a permanent solution in music from our personal hell will not work for long. Like a bad itch, these thoughts will keep tugging at you. Once again I repeat, “Let them run their course.”  

Do not make the mistake of carrying a music player with you when you go fishing or camping in the woods. Instead, let your body breathe in the air, and give your ears to a melody provided by the nature that has been playing in this world since the dawn of time. How wonderful it feels to wake up to the sounds of the chirping birds rather than a beeping alarm on the phone. I’m honored to have lived this pleasure in the mountains. 

Personally, I have suffered from anxiety for a long time. Meditation helps me bring a better perspective to the things that I’m usually anxious about. Often times when we are engaged and lost in some work, we can forget about things we were recently focused on. When you sit in silence, your brain organizes the day’s tasks by helping you reflect on the important agendas, so it is a good idea to keep a pen and paper nearby.  

So allow your brain and body the time to breathe instead of constantly living in an anxious state. Sometimes let your eyes and ears wander to the inspiration around you while you are busy going about your daily life. Allow yourself to place your phone in a drawer and experience the thoughts that the silence carries to you. Understand that it is an ally, and the more time spent with it, the better friends you will be.  

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