Sweet Sky

A simple poem to make you look up and gaze for a while.
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Created by isabella-wos

Published on Oct 26, 2023
picture of a sky with pink hues
Photo by Guillaume Galtier on Unsplash

Sweet Sky

Sweet sky, you have a certain charm
Sometimes you glow a luminous pink,
Other times, you're as clear as a tear.
There is nothing quite so stunning nor marvelous.

At dusk, your stars begin to sparkle shyly,
They dance and sing in your black sea.
Without your sparkles, I'd find you intimidating,
Your dark sky will forever be in my memory.

Even when you cry, you're still radiant,
With your thunderbolts and soothing drops.
Watching you for hours on end will never be enough,
If only we didn't take you for granted.

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