How Barbenheimer Might Save Cinema

A look into the recent film phenomenon that might revitalize the industry.
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Published on Aug 4, 2023
a screenshot from the barbie movie and a screenshot from oppenheimer

'Barbenheimer' finally happened, and it was even bigger than everyone expected. Collectively everyone went to the theatres for this incredible event and brought about one of the biggest box office weekends in history, let's talk about how this might change things for the future.

For anyone confused about what 'Barbenheimer' is, it's the name coined by the internet for July 21st, the day when both the Barbie movie and Oppenheimer released. The hype for Barbenheimer was incredible as the idea of two movies that could not be more different in every way releasing on the same day was absolutely hilarious. One is a colorful comedy movie about a toy and the other is a 3 hour long biopic on the man who invented the atomic bomb. They are not entirely different though, both are led by critically acclaimed directors Christopher Nolan and Greta Gerwig, and have star studded talent in their casts, writers and production teams.

Barbenheimer is an important event in movie history due to the current climate the industry is in. Every big blockbuster seems to be failing left and right, studios are deathly afraid to take any compelling risks with new releases and streaming services are killing any need for people to leave their houses to go to the cinema. Acclaimed film director Quentin Tarantino went even so far to call this one of the worst eras of movies ever. With the writers and actors strike just starting recently, it's evident that things need to change. And that may be a good thing.

Both Barbie and Oppenheimer are based off things that already exist, but both use such unique styles and directions to make them actually interesting. Barbie isn't your run-of-the-mill kids movie, it's an inventive satire that isn't afraid to make fun of itself and everything surrounding it with crude humor and goofy sequences. Oppenheimer is a masterful look into one of the most complex men ever to live, and its mature and grounded storytelling are meant for you to completely immerse yourself into the time period it's set in. Both movies are fantastic and may help the rest of Hollywood realize that they can't keep churning out generic blockbuster after generic blockbuster and have to start using creative and fresh ideas to push cinema forward.

Barbenheimer is the epitome of what cinema should be nowadays: a time to go out with loved ones to enjoy movies together. So many studios are purely focused on nostalgia and trying to milk every existing IP as much as possible to keep cycling through the same audiences for maximum profit. Barbie and Oppenheimer are focused on being good movies first, and then appealing to the masses next, which is how it should be for all films.

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