The beauty of life is that it's fleeting
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Created by Abdul Mannan

Published on Jun 12, 2024
man standing with his arms stretched out at sunset
Zac Duran, Unsplash


The grim reaper remembers us every second we grow older,

Every instance the heart pulsated, we're a heartbeat closer.

Life is short, concise almost like a short tale, an anecdote.

Find no time to lament, use euphoria as an antidote.

The day the souls depart the bodies they borrow 

Suddenly everyone remembers, in grief, in sorrow. 

Always remember, life goes on without us, our memories empty aisles.

Bodies under soils of Earth, legacies buried by sands of time.

Thou Forlorn Soul! You are nothing but transient,let bygones be bygones.

Experience the wonders of this realm; the hues, colors and tones

Learn to live in the present for it is a gift, 

Once thee lay down for eternal slumber, the souls leave swift.

Live light; contemplate demise as not crux of life's dilemmas but its purpose

Be a daredevil, courageous and bold; make the world your circus

Guffaw at the worries of life, be different be unique,

For we are mortals, don't waste the precious on critique.

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