Still Grieving

Nothing is ever promised. No one is. This is a reminder to love like there is no tomorrow.
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Published on Nov 26, 2023
paper heart ripped in half

Still Grieving

As I wake everyday in a frigid room, I long for your touch,

Trying to grasp the reason why you would leave me.

Never been iniquitous, never been anything as such,

So why, why have you left me to my misery?


Truth to be told, we might never know,

The Earth will not stop flourishing nor breathing.

The world will continue to live, to grow,

Yet, I’m afraid this is only the beginning to my grieving.


I should have spoke of the things I have always wanted to say,

Should have said your eyes glowed of a fiery light.

Should have said you were the sun to my grey,

Should not have confused my hesitance for fright.


You were the fresh breath that blew away my depressive past,

The first warm rain to my blizzard of despair.

The bright white to my dark contrast,

And now nothing, nothing can save me from this everlasting nightmare.  


But soon, we shall be reunited, 

How soon, I do not know.

Once together, we shall never be divided,

Soon, you will put an end to my sorrow.


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